Soviet Survivors-Interviews


Misha was one of the ten survivors of the Odessa concentration camp. Less than 1% of the Jews who did not evacuate from Odessa survived. He is one of those.


Mark was a child battling hunger and poverty as his family evacuated from Moldova. Many of his family were not so fortunate as him. His story is of fighting the anti-semitism and bullying as an evacuee, finding his way to the United States and then making it in the new country.


Luba's story is of fleeing from the Nazi's, fleeing those who blamed the war on her, surviving as a little girl and nurse and re-uniting with her sister and brother who had been fighting in the war.


Roman survived the war as a child. The story of this interview is interesting and sad. I wanted to interview him but was scared to ask. I left his home and got to the car and realized that I forgot the camera. It was as if it was meant to be. I went back up and recorded this interview. Sadly he passed on six months later. I'm glad I was able to do it.

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